Launched: May 23, 2020
Built with: Typescript, NPM, Prettier, ESLint

Part of the hassle of starting a new project is configuring familiar preferences for things like TypeScript or Prettier or ESLint so that your editor behaves the way you prefer. This also applies to coming back to a project after it's sat for a while: updating all the dependencies doesn't necessary update the old config to reflect your updated preferences. As I finally crawled back out from under my work rock to do some side projects, I ran into this very problem and decided to put an end to this problem for myself.

Some people create boilerplate projects for replicating this config across projects, but that doesn't always work if you're trying out new frameworks, especially those with custom generators. So instead I made a node package to contain my default configs that I could easily import in the increasingly common JS config files used by many tools. I set up the README with some simple copy-paste for setting things up, but that wasn't good enough, so now it's a package with an executable that generates the requested config files based on flags. This should also make it simple to update my configs everywhere simply by bumping the published version.

This was actually the first package I've published to npm personally. Luckily I was able to secure my preferred namespace! It's not a particularly useful package to other people as-is unless they share my preferred settings (which aren't that crazy, honestly). But it can easily be forked and altered to match other people's preferences.

Check it out on npm or github.