Personal Site

Launched: May 07, 2018
Built with: React, Typescript, Gatsby.js, Styled Components, Typography.js, Contentful, Netlify

So I finally made a personal site (you're looking at it!), after so many years of saying I would. It even got to the point where I was putting off other projects because I wanted to have a place to put them. Well, that excuse is gone. Vacationing in Hawaii has given me the perfect excuse to use my development energies to learn some new things and get this up and running.

The site is built using Gatsby.js and written in Typescript (outside of the config stuff). It uses Styled Components for its style management, with Typography.js providing the base reset and basic rhythm and me hand-rolling the rest of the layout. The content is all managed in Contentful, which is a little overkill but is a test-run for converting another blog I built for a friend (that'll be on here soon); it's been super pleasant to work with. The site is hosted on Netlify.

Things are a little barebones to start with, but I drastically scaled back my design ambitions (for instance, at one point I lost a whole day looking into the best way to design a vector logo) in order to get this out so I can do other things with a place to reference them.


I haven't done too much to the site itself, but it now has a proper favicon, link preview, and a fancy caching service worker! The SW wasn't really necessary (you don't necessarily need my site when you're offline), but it was fun and now my all my lighthouse scores are in the high 90s.